New Faces In US Environmental Management: Someone To See The Forest For The Trees...And The Crops

sally collins usda administrator photo

Sally Collins, Associate Chief, USDA Forest Service talking with EarthVision attendees
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Christian Science Monitor, via it's article New US office takes fresh approach to carbon, introduces us to Sally Collins, newly appointed director of the the newly-created Office of Ecosystem Services and Markets. Ms Collins new boss seems to think innovatively. Based on the article, it's fair to say she too is way outside the cardboard box that we might have stereotyped USDA'S Forest Service top administrators as thinking in. Look below for a quote from Ms Collins:

Ms. Collins believes the approaches of her office may open a new era in which urban industrial emitters of carbon dioxide will partner with private landowners to plant new forests or crops to soak up CO2, or in which revenues generated from a carbon tax will pay for planting trees in federal forests lost to wildfire.
Be sure to read the CSM article for insights into just how controversial this may be - comments as well.

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