New EPA Antipollution Rules Target Lawn Mowers, Boat Engines and Weed Trimmers

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Greener Lawn Mowers, Boat Engines
The Environmental Protection Agency, has declared that in the next two or three years, stricter regulations will be imposed on inboard and outboard motors on recreational boats, lawnmower engines, and all lawn and garden equipment running at 25 horsepower or less.

Lawn equipment, like mowers and weed whackers may initially become more expensive due to the new "surf and turf" standards, but the public health benefits of reduced smog and cleaner air will more than compensate for temporarily increased costs.
From the New York Times:

Stephen Johnson, the administrator of the EPA, says that 'the rule will yield annual emission reductions of 600,000 tons of hydrocarbons, 130,000 tons of nitrogen oxide, 5,500 tons of direct particulate matter and 1.5 million tons of carbon monoxide.'
Furthermore, he added, 'Americans could save about 190 million gallons of gasoline each year.'

Catayltic converters will likely be implemented in most small engines in order to meet the requirements of the new regulations.

And though the regulations will doubtlessly elicit responses of 'too little' from adamant environmentalists, it is nonetheless a worthy restriction on engines that needlessly over-pollute, and perhaps the most we can expect at the moment from the EPA.

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