New CBS Evening News Anchor Names E-Waste Story Among His Favorites. More Enviro Stories To Come? (Video)


Scott Pelley, the new anchor of "The CBS Evening News," has made a name for himself by doing investigative pieces on "60 Minutes"--most recently his headline garnering examination into the murky past of Lance Armstrong. Pelley is part of a new a new series from CBS news called "Correspondents Favorites" in which members of the news team share what stories they are proud of from CBS' vault. Pelley has selected his 2008 story on e-waste, an investigation that took him to China to track where our favorite gadgets go to die.

"The Wasteland," Scott says, "is the kind of reporting I hope we can bring over to "The CBS Evening News," because that's the kind of thing that the audience is looking for: original reporting, unique insight, and reporters who just never give up."

Pelley and his producing team of Solly Granatstein and Nicole Young won multiple awards for their investigation including an Emmy, an Investigative Reporters & Editors award, a Gerald Loeb award, an Edward R. Murrow, and a Sigma Delta Chi award.

As I've often decried in Treehugger, media coverage of environmental issues by the mainstream media is abhorrent, particularly when it comes to covering climate change. For every story like the incredible New York Times' look into food shortages from today's paper, there are oceans of silence on environmental issues. The largest culprits, in my view, are the Sunday public affairs shows on the major networks, which continue to ignore climate and energy at the expense of stories about Sarah Palin's publicity tours and Barack Obama's birth certificate. Perhaps Pelley's favorite story choice augurs a positive change.