New Belgium Brewery: Work to Bike More

Pro-bike Billboard from Green Beer Company
Generally speaking, we TreeHuggers are not huge fans of billboards - especially when billboards have more rights than trees. But if they do or say cool green things, they tend to get a more sympathetic reception - take Lloyd's round up of five sort-of green billboards. I'd like to throw New Belgium Brewery's latest advertising into the mix too - largely because I tend to love everything New Belgium does. The billboard is just one manifestation of New Belgium's pro-bike culture - click below the fold for a fun video about just how much the brewery loves its biking employees.First, here's a little more from AdFreak about New Belgium's latest funky advertising:

Cultivator Advertising & Design crafted the pro-biking message above on behalf of New Belgium Brewing Co. in Fort Collins, Colo. The headline, "Work to bike more," sounds like the work of a tipsy copywriter, so it's probably good that he or she doesn't drive a car. (We're told the billboard's placement over PT Motors' "Cash for cars" sign was "fortuitous.") The New Belgium video below shows the tangible benefits of cycling to work: It's often quicker than driving, so you can get to work earlier and enjoy more weird ball-bouncing activities with your hippie co-workers.

Australian brewer Coopers did something similar a while back with their "Walk to the Pub" posters too, but I'm not sure any other company welcomes its biking employees with an impromptu disco/celebration as they bike through the gate...

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