New Air and Noise Control Devices Promise Better Life-Quality in Buenos Aires

Air and noise pollution control devices in Argentina. Photo.

Seems the Buenos Aires government is busy with environmental control. After announcing a new garbage management plan and reaching to an agreement to take out 40 thousand billboards from the streets of Buenos Aires, it has just put to work 42 new Intelligent Monitoring Towers that, they say, will allow more information about air and noise quality in the city and therefore better environmental policies to improve citizens life-quality.

The equipments can measure the concentration of cobalt, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, benzene and humidity, among others, and send the information in real time to one of the two monitoring stations the city has (two more will be installed before the end of the year). They required an investment of 2.5 million euros. For the initial stage, they have been installed in a park for calibration and later they will be moved to different points of the city.

When the whole system is functioning by the end of the year, the government says it will have a complete map of the environmental quality of the city and will be able to determine, for example, if it's necessary to change the buses routes (a demand by neighbors in some areas with high circulation of vehicles). More pics and news from Buenos Aires in the extended.

Via La Nacion newspaper.

Air and noise pollution control devices in Argentina. Photo.

The 42 new air and noise pollution control devices for Buenos Aires, on a park until they're calibrated. They will then be moved to different parts of the city.

More air and noise control for Buenos Aires (La Nacion newspaper, in Spanish)
Air and noise monitoring system in Buenos Aires (official communication by the Government in Spanish).

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