New ad reignites war between clean energy provider and big utilities

Ecotricity collapsing cooling towers photo
Video screen capture Ecotricity

UK-based green energy supplier Ecotricity made waves before with their viral video of collapsing cooling towers being replaced by a fresh crop of wind turbines springing out of the earth.

The video tapped a nerve, garnering nearly 3 million views, and sending a shot across the boughs of the mainstream utilities.

Now those cooling towers are back, and they're tapping into the very public anger over high energy prices and record utility profits. As part of Ecotricity's #DumpTheBigSix campaign to undercut mainstream utilities' prices, the company is offering a price freeze until April—hoping to win over a whole swathe of new support for greener energy in the process.

This is, I think, a big deal in the transition toward a lower carbon economy—and one that has ramifications well beyond the British Isles. Not only are clean energy providers beginning to compete with fossil fuels on a purely economic basis, and as such reaching a broader audience that has previously had little interest in sticking solar panels on their roofs, but they are also flexing their rhetorical muscles too—seeking to very publicly define what the future of energy can and should look like.

I know whose vision I prefer.

New ad reignites war between clean energy provider and big utilities
Ecotricity's collapsing cooling towers return. This time, they're tapping into popular anger over utility profits.

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