New Acronym Alert: IRENA, The International Renewable Energy Agency

wind turbines scotland photo

Wind turbines in Scotland, photo: Gary Denham.

In the deepening alphabet soup of energy policy organizations, here’s another one to look out for. The newly formed International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) doesn’t even have a formalized plan for a headquarters, leadership, or funding, but has indicated that it will announcing its first projects in January. Currently involved nations include pretty much all of Europe, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates. (Maybe the United States would be willing to get involved, now that it has a president-elect who seems more willing to cooperate on international issues than his predecessor...)

In its own words, IRENA’s main objective will be to,Group to Promote Worldwide Renewable Energy Development

...foster and promote the large-scale adoption of renewable energy worldwide. This overall objective can be broken down into a number of concrete targets: improved regulatory frameworks for renewable energy through enhanced policy advice; improvements in the transfer of renewable energy technology; progress and improvements on renewable energy skills and know-how; a scientifically sound information basis through applied policy research; and better financing of renewable energy. Through its objective, IRENA will help to reduce the pressure on finite energy sources, provide a sound basis for meeting future energy demand, stabilize energy prices, improve access to energy particularly for the world’s poorest, combat climate change and increase energy security. At the same time, it will contribute to economic growth and job creation.
To meet these goals, IRENA must become a centre of excellence facilitating renewable energy technology transfer and providing experience for practical applications and policies. Its focus should be on the requirements of renewable energy. It should act as a facilitator and catalyst, supporting various programmes and assisting national governments as well as the private sector. Its role should be to offer support on all issues relating to renewable energy, helping countries to benefit from the transfer of knowledge and technology.

More about IRENA’s formation at: Worldwatch Institute and the IRENA website.

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