Netherlands, UK & Germany Win Euro Eco-Biz Awards


In 2005 we were talking about spunky Dutch shoulder bags created from discarded Indian plastic bags, and mini wind turbines for British homes. Now a year on, Ragbags and Windsave are just two of the winners of the European Business Awards for the Environment 2006. Also garnering a place on the podium was Volkswagen, who have developed the SiCon Process to recover the elusive 20% of automobile waste known as ‘shredder residue’. This is the leftover, when the bulk of a car is sliced and diced into centimetre (half inch) sized pieces to extract the metals. Volkswagen expect they are on track to salvage 95% of automotive materials, as will be required by law from 2015. See the other winners at the ::European Business Awards for the Environment, via Earthvision.