Netflix for Fashion? Orkan Lia Delivers Recycled-Fabric Dresses to Your Door

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Dress model photos by Orkan Lia.

Tiny Swedish design firm Orkan Lia, consisting mostly of fashionista Karolina Svensson, has been part of the Swedish vintage revival and doing one-of-a-kind dresses and other fashion clothing using recycled and reclaimed textiles for nearly three years. But in a bid to make a good living, keep her company growing and overcome sustainable fashion's ability to reach the masses, Orkan Lia's Svensson has begun delivering her fashions by subscription, based on a user's preset profile.

Like your very own seamstress, Orkan Lia's monthly fashion by subscription starts to take us away from the harried purchases of cheaply constructed clothing and back a little bit to the days when your mom or grandma (perhaps badly) whipped up dresses and tops from JC Penny patterns and extra material on hand. Orkan Lia's method is thankfully more professional and a bit more cutting edge.Sustainable seamstress with a retro look
Svensson realizes her subscription service can't fit every woman, because she works with a fairly fixed palette of 50's inspired textiles and her aesthetic is also strongly 50's and 60's influenced.

But what Svensson can do better than the corner H&M; is listen to a clothing wearer's actual needs. She can respond not just in terms of what she will make you. She can also give a subscriber tailored, made-to-order clothing at ready-made prices. For subscribers, who receive about a 20 percent price break over retail prices, dresses run about from approximately $85 - $125, skirts are between $70 - $85 and tops and shirts are around $60 to $90. Orkan Lia's subscription doesn't entail an extra monthly cost other than the price for each month's chosen item, but because they are custom made they cannot be returned, and a three-month (or three item) cancellation is required. Men's and even children's clothing subscriptions are available.

While Orkan Lia probably can't grow to actually fulfill the needs of a very large market, as there's only one Karolina Svensson, her concept is an excellent way to help reconnect us with our clothing, with sustainable fashion and with the talented individuals - tailors and seamstresses - that through the ages have supplied us with what we need to wear. Via: Camino Magasin
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