Net Metering Program Expanded in New York

Single Wind Turbine

photo by David Laribee

Yesterday came the news that improving energy efficiency is on the top of the agenda for the State of New York. If their new Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard program works as planned, the state hopes energy usage by 2015 will be reduced by 15%.

Governor David Patterson also announced yesterday an expansion of the state’s net metering law, which allows electric customers who renewably generate energy to sell what they don’t use back to the grid.
The new bill will expand net metering to solar PV systems on businesses, as well increasing the size of eligible systems to 25 KW for residential customers, and up to 2 MW of peak load for non-residential customers.

Net metering for wind installations will be expanded to all customer classes. Previously only residential and farm operations were included. Additionally, the maximum size of eligible wind facilities for farm operations has been increased from 125 KW to 500 KW. Non-residential customers will be able to net meter up to 2 MW of their peak load.

Farm waste electric generation systems will have the amount which they can net meter increase from 400 KW to 500 KW.

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