NeoGreen US Politics: As Good As It Will Get?


In trying to cast a line to green voters, US politicians can offer a fishing photo-op (as President Hoover did in this photo); or, trip to a melting glacier, while taking great care to prove that they are not Dirty Hippies. There are more substantial and mainstream choices available, which we would like to discuss a bit. A few governors have shown their own Green cred in more interesting and creative ways, for example.

Florida's Governor Crist, acknowledging that "United Kingdom is Florida's top overseas tourism market" realizes that the customer is always right.

Gov. Charlie Crist discussed relations between Florida and the United Kingdom with government leaders in London Tuesday, including Secretary of State David Miliband; Simon McDonald, Prime Minister Gordon Brown's chief foreign policy advisor; and John Ashton, special adviser on climate change.

Crist also met with members of the House of Lords to discuss Florida and United Kingdom climate change initiatives, a release said.

Via::Tampa Bay Business Journal, Crist discusses climate change with U.K. officials

Coincidentally, FL Governor Crist seems to like fishing. In a state known for fishing, that's what you'd expect.

Moving on to the US Presidential candidates, both get plenty of media attention for their ideas on high profile issues like climate or energy. On other subjects of interest to us, though, it is not so useful to look at their respective Senate voting records, simply because they have not had the opportunity to vote on many of the topics we're interested in!

For example: neither US Presidential candidate shows much personal interest in nature.

Seen any pictures of Senator McCain hiking or camping in a US National Park? He say's TR was one of his inspirations; but... Maybe Americans really have lost interest in camping?

In contrast, we remember Jimmy Carter's solo fishing trip when he was attacked by the killer aquatic rabbit. Teasing. Lloyd reminds us he was the real deal in his post: Admit it: Jimmy Carter Was Right.

Seen any pictures of Senator Obama in a fishing boat? Nope. Obama's website actually addresses his mostly urban roots and lack of outdoor sporting interests, here.

Here's the thing. We really don't need to see the hiking boots, nor a shotgun rack or fishing rod in hand - with either of them.

We don't need to see solar panels on their homes either; nor, do we have any interest in what kind of light bulbs the our Presidential candidates prefer. These things are easily bought for show. Same for the prospective VP candidates.

But we do want to believe that our leaders are not NeoGreens who are content with serving up anonymous staff-written goodies on their websites, and that they grasp the importance of lifestyle changes and conservation in all its forms (natural resource, wildlife habitat, personal items, parks, etc.).

We absolutely would love to hear their thoughts on the importance of soil conservation and maintaining conservation reserve lands, on creating more incentives for organic food production, and on the importance of locally-produced food for climate protection. Not just high profile energy policy stuff, in other words.

We know that broadcast and print media have shown little interest in such ideas - yet - but know that candidates can make them become important. There's plenty of time to build green credentials from the ground up.

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Image credits::National Park Service, Hooverfest, Herbert Hoover fishing at Brown's Camp, California in August 1928. AND SportsmansAdventures, Governor Crist fishing.

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