Neeson Murcutt's off-grid Box House

murcutt box house photo

Images via architect's website

We have not shown a lot of summer getaways on TreeHugger as of late; it often takes a lot of driving to get to them. But summer is here, and there is so much architectural eye candy around. Like Neeson Murcutt's lovely box house 500 km south of Sydney.

murcutt box house details photo

Following in his father's footsteps, Nicholas Murcutt designs a "hard tent" that "celebrates the pleasure of camping."

murcutt box house plans image

It is a simple, 6m by 6m by 6m box (20 feet by 20 feet by 20 feet) with no plumbing or wiring. More at Neeson Murcutt.
Found at Materialicious

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