NEEF Seeks Outstanding Environmental Educator for Bartlett Award

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Do you know a terrific teacher who has successfully integrated environmental education into their classroom on a routine basis?

Well, the Richard C. Bartlett Environmental Education Award will be presented to a teacher who is creative, passionate, and effective by the National Environmental Education Foundation this fall with the hope that they can serve as an inspiration for the rest of us.
Bartlett Environmental Educator Award Requirements
They’re looking for 5th-12th grade teachers with at least three years teaching experience in public, private, or home schools to be eligible and they’ll be backing up the honor with a $5,000 award to be presented at the North American Association for Environmental Education Conference in Wichita, Kansas in October.

But the deadline for nominations is June 30, 2008 so if you know someone special it’s time to hurry up and nominate them!

via: NEEF

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