Need a Green Job? Check Out Act Now


Following the logic that more green people doing more green jobs to gets more green work done, TreeHugger has mentioned some tips and tricks for getting a green job (a
few times, actually). We recommend that green job seekers keep a close eye on TreeHugger's job board, and today we bring you a special treat: green job announcements, from San Francisco-based Act Now. CEO Adam Werbach (that's right, the same guy who was the youngest President of the Sierra Club ever) says, "Our Creative Agency needs candidates with deep agency experience to help us reach the scale our projects are demanding. Our Outreach team needs people with Human Resources Engagement expertise. Our Operations division needs a Senior Finance Manager that can keep up with our rate of growth." Several more positions are currently available; go to their site to learn more, and get more details about the jobs after the jump. ::Act Now"Positions are immediately available across the Act Now organization.

"Since 1998, Act Now has brought passionate innovation to its mission of creating a healthy planet full of happy people. Act Now helps the world's most influential organizations and business innovators solve the world's most pressing problems. Act Now is presently expanding its capacities to match the moment we face.

"Act Now is seeking new senior staff members to help serve Act Now's growing roster of Fortune 500 clients, non-profit organizations and government agencies seeking to engage their employees in sustainability, develop sustainable products and processes, and to market their truly green products as green.

"At Act Now we don't do greenwashing. Our integrated solutions help companies that embrace sustainability redesign their products and services to be better for the planet and better for their bottom line. Once they've taken a leadership position, our sustainability agency helps deploy marketing campaigns that have as much integrity as their products.

"The ideal candidates for management positions at Act Now will be recognized leaders in their field, and will have a passion for making a positive contribution to society every day at work. Act Now has grown from 10 employees to 40 employees in the past year -- this is the moment for sustainability, and if you have the passion to use your skills for good, we need your help. We take hiring very seriously -- we have a high-performance team and we need people who can play consistently at the top of their game.

"Jobs are posted at: More positions will be posted throughout the Fall.

"At Act Now we celebrate diversity as a core component of our success."

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