Nearly 90% of Chinese 18-25 Year-Olds Want Brands to Cut Carbon Emissions

I'm not going to belabor this one too much, but Green Biz has the results of an interesting survey of 18-25 year olds, done by Carbon Trust, and how business efforts to lower carbon emissions may influence brand loyalty.

88% of this demographic in China said they want firms to cut carbon emissions, with 83% saying they'd be more loyal to companies who actually do so. In second place was South Africa (86% want corporate emissions cuts); in third was Brazil (84%).

Contrast that to results from the US and the UK: In both places two-thirds of respondents said they want companies to cut carbon, with just 55-57% saying they'd be more loyal to companies that did so.

Green Biz unpacks the survey results a bit more, so check those out if you're interested.

I'll just leave it here, wondering, concerning the US and the UK, which is the cart and which is the horse? Did respondents in these places express less desire for carbon cuts because government doesn't seem as concerned as other places, or is government not doing anything because there's not enough public support?

Likely a combination of the two, filtered through some serious corporate influence on policy, particularly in the US.

Or perhaps people in China, South Africa and Brazil are more in tune with the effects of climate change already being experienced?

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