Natural Security - 8 American Cities Recognized For Adapting Water Managment To Changing Climate

Natural Security through water infrastructure improvements. Image credit:American Rivers

Clean water is essential to our health and our communities. Yet climate change presents a serious threat to our most precious natural resource in the form of more frequent floods and droughts and worsening water pollution.

American Rivers has highlighted eight communities' sustainable water management approaches that will make them more resilient to a changing climate in the new report, "Natural Security: How Sustainable Water Strategies Are Preparing Communities for Climate Change." These 21st century green infrastructure solutions protect and restore healthy ecosystems which will provide clean water and protect communities from severe weather as the climate shifts.Improving Public Health
Portland, Oregon and Staten Island, New York reduced stormwater runoff, flooding, and sewage overflows with green roofs, downspout disconnections, and restoration of streams and wetlands.

Reducing Flood and Storm Damage
Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin and Boston, Massachusetts prevented recurring flood damages by relocating development out of the floodplain and protecting wetlands.

Securing Clean Water Supplies
Clayton County, Georgia and Seattle, Washington utilized water conservation, efficiency, and reuse to meet water supply needs despite persistent droughts and growing populations.

Enhancing Livability
Augusta, Maine and Grand Junction, Colorado reclaimed the recreational, economic, and quality of life benefits their rivers could provide through dam removal and river cleanups.

Communities that invest in a broad suite of green infrastructure approaches like the ones described above will be better prepared to confront an increasingly volatile climate by maximizing the value of healthy ecosystems, providing flexibility to handle an uncertain future, and strengthening local economies. By working with nature rather than against it, cities large and small can thrive in the face of climate change.

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