Native American Kids Receive Gift that Shines with Opportunity


When school kids on the Paiute Indian Reservation in Nevada look up at the sun for years to come they’ll have an increased appreciation for all that solar energy can do thanks to the tireless efforts of the good folks at Black Rock Solar who’ve teamed up yet again with Sierra Pacific Power and MMA Renewable Ventures to ensure kids at schools in need have access to the sun’s energy.

Not too long ago they’d teamed up to present the largest green Christmas gift in history to the Gerlach school campus in Nevada, and now they’ve coordinated a massive, 60KW system for installation on the Natchez Elementary School that serves children from the adjacent Paiute Reservation that will not only educate students about the benefits of solar power, but alleviate some of the cash concerns their district faces as it pumps out more than half their energy needs each year.
Of course that means more cash can go into education, ensuring the students and staff have access to the materials they need to raise achievement levels among the children of a traditionally disadvantaged people.

No wonder People Magazine recently included Tom Price, founder of Black Rock Solar, on their list of Environmental Heroes for 2008.

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via: Black Rock Solar

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