National Trust to Sell Their Own Food Products


Image from the National Trust: Cotehele, Cornwall

The National Trust used to just preserve old and historic country houses so that the public could visit them and soak up their history. But the Trust has come a long way (baby) lately. They have become champions of the best of Britain's foods. They are putting allotment gardens in some of their properties, running healthy food campaigns and having travelling displays of vegetables. Now they are going to start making and selling their own food products.

They will be celebrating the best of traditional British staples, using recipes from the archives of the kitchens of historic houses and producing the food at the properties. Yummy products will include new potatoes from Wales, three traditional breads, including one baked with beer and Viceroy India Pale Ale made in Kent.


Image from National Trust

Three kinds of traditional breads will be available. The Stoneground Wholemeal loaf is made from a recipe from a Lady whose father donated his Tudor House to the Trust. The Barm Bread is made with beer produced from hops grown in the Scotney Castle hop garden in Kent, which is owned by the Trust. The beer raises the bread, while the alcohol is baked off (too bad) in this unique bread.

Pembrokeshire Potatoes have already won awards for their taste and quality and will be sold in supermarkets.


Image from simplygroups: Scotney Castle

The big favourite will probably be Viceroy India Pale Ale, which uses hops from Scotney Castle, the Trust's last remaining hop garden.

Talk about history, this beer was inspired by Lord Curzon, 1st Marquis of Kedleston. During his time as Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon recorded in his memoirs a journey made on horseback, during which he started dreaming of beer: 'As I rode down the grassy slopes, I saw coming towards me in the distance the figure of a solitary that moment I would have given a kingdom, not for champagne or hock and soda, or hot coffee, but for a glass of beer!'

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