National Talk Like A Pirate Day Environmental Quiz

Photo by JCIV.

We want to extend National Talk Like A Pirate Day just a few more days, especially since it is helping to spread the word about clean sailing and boating. The Sierra Club has put together a fun set of questions to not only get you in the spirit of the holiday, but find out just How Green is My (Your) Pirate Ship.
How Green is your Pirate Ship?

The Sierra Club, long known for its protection of the environment since 1892 has been busy putting these quizzes together, to not only give us a good laugh, but take a serious look at the different events and stages in our lives and how we are affecting the environment with such everyday things that we may not even think about because they have become habit.

Other fun quizzes to try by the Sierra Club are:
How Green is My Dorm Room?
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How Green is my Getaway?
How Green is my Screen?
How Green is My PC?
How Green is My Bike Ride?
How Green is my Laundry?
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