National Post Green Report. Not.


The National Post publishes screeds from the likes of Alexander Cockburn, runs a denier-of-the week profile, and printed a disgusting tirade by George Jonas that included "The Green Gestapo of the environment seems ready to launch nuts right here at home. Eco-fascists share the self-righteous arrogance of Islamo-fascists, safety-Nazis and other control freaks."

For some reason it has produced an entire section called The Green Report; This is like Fox News giving Al Gore a TV show. Somehow reputable green tinged companies advertised in it and David Suzuki consented to be interviewed for it, although he is probably as offended as I am by the title, "Canada's Al Gore" which makes as much sense as titling an interview of Al in the New York Times "America's David Suzuki." Of the fifteen articles, eleven are American wire service pickups; why did they bother? Oh, for the days when Conrad Black still owned it, at least it had some principles. ::National Post Green Report

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