National Climate Change March


Saturday was the National Climate March, celebrated in 50 cities around the world, to coincide with the UN climate talks taking place in Bali. The goal was to come together and exert international pressure on world leaders to take the urgent actions needed to save our world from ecological and environmental destruction. Here in London there was an enthusiastic and fantastic crowd of 6,000, according to organisers (and only 2,000 according to the police) who marched from the Houses of Parliament at Westminster to the American Embassy in the heart of posh Mayfair. It wasn't climate change but just plain miserable English winter, that had them marching in torrential, pouring rain almost all the way.

Despite the weather, spirits were high, with drummers, singers, mermaids, and the Surfers Against Sewage (dressed in green wetsuits, carrying surfboards) amongst the many groups taking part. It was so heartening to see the huge numbers and range and diversity of the marchers; something is really happening out there and we are all a part of it. As always, tourists and spectators along the sidelines looked bemused at best.

The march ended at the American Embassy, which was swarming with protesters and police. There were speeches and cheering and we were treated to the wise words of George Monbiot and truisms from various Members of Parliament. Marchers returned home wet, tired but happy with the turn-out and enthusiasm of the day. :: Campaign Against Climate Change

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