Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, and Michelle Bachman Sing Duet About Climate Bill (VIDEO)


Photo via Shoot the Messenger NYC

Okay, I'm sick of the climate bill, too. But when I stumbled upon this little ditty, courtesy of Auto Tune the News, I had to share it (though maybe you've heard it already). I mean, it's Pelosi, Michelle Bachmann, and House Minority Leader John Boehner 'singing' about the climate bill. And it's hilarious.Okay, so they don't really sing, per se, but the knob twiddlers at Auto Tune the News have processed everyone's favorite politicians' voices through, yes, an Auto Tuner (you know, the thing that convinced Kanye West he could actually sing and that T-Pain uses on like, every song he's ever made). It corrects a person's pitch to the nearest note when they sing or speak. And if someone is, say, yelling about how passing the climate bill will lead to tyranny and an end to freedom, well, it can turn that into a melody, too. Just watch. (via Red, Green, and Blue)

Pretty funny how it highlights the hyper-charged emotional appeals from both sides of the aisle. Kinda catchy too--oh yeah, and kudos to semi-crazy House Minority Leader John Boehner and entirely crazy Rep. Bachmann on their naturally in-tune voices. Perhaps this award will lead them to consider a profession they're better suited to. Gospel choir singers, maybe? Or anything else at all, for that matter?

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