Name That Whale, Quickly!


Calling all treehuggers: Greenpeace is holding an online poll to name a humpback whale. So far, the most popular name is Mr. Splashy Pants. More than 11,000 possible whale names were submitted but this one currently holds 76% of the vote.

The poll is a way to raise recognition of the plight of the humpback whale which Greenpeace is tracking via satellite, as they migrate from breeding and calving areas in the tropical South Pacific to the feeding grounds of the Southern Ocean. The Fisheries Agency of Japan sends a fleet of whaling ships after these and other whales, in the name of "research", and this year they plan to kill 50 humpback whales and 50 endangered fin whales.The poll is down to 30 names now, and unlike Mr. Splashy Pants, some of them very beautiful. Among them are Anahi, which means immortal in Persian, Kaimana (divine power of the ocean in Polynesian), and Shanti (peace), Suzuki (after David), Aurora (dawn) and Humphrey (?).

Voting is being extended until Dec. 7, supposedly due to popular demand (and perhaps vain hope on Greenpeace's part that their whale will get a decent name). Do your bit and save a whale's self respect. Vote now. :: Greenpeace Via :: Hippyshopper

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