Name That Eco-Bunnie! Travelocity Contest Helps Promote Low-Carbon Travel

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Sassy and funny Eco-Bunnies who save the world through cartoons deserve to have names.

Travelocity's Eco-Bunnies dispense tips to kids about being environmentally friendly. Back in 2006, the company launched the cartoons to help raise awareness, and the hilarious short snippets became popular.

But with stardom comes a requirement for a name slightly more personalized than "Tall Eco-Bunny" and "Short Eco-Bunnie." Any suggestions? If you have a good idea, you could win some fun gear. Eco-Bunnies Swoop In to Save The Earth

Travelocity's Eco-Bunnies cartoons are an accessible way for kids, parents and teachers to have a dialogue about why it's important to save the earth. But the cartoons are a far cry from the cheesy pitches usually lobbed at kids. Nope, these bunnies have attitude, are techy, and appeal to modern kids. And they have normal voices none of that high, squeaky, non-cuteness so many cartoon characters sport.

Eco-Bunnies Need Names Too

After nearly two years of online enviro-awarness campaigning, Travelocity thinks its time to name the characters. If you think you have a good idea, or know of a kid or two creative with naming their stuffed animals, you might want to check out the Eco-Bunnies website. You can win some fun prizes, even a Travelocity Roaming Gnome for your front yard (you know you've always wanted one ).

If anything, the website is worth a gander - the cartoons are definitely worth watching, and there are some neat lesson plans for teachers available.

"Children from all over the nation have taken a great interest in the world around them, and the Eco-Bunnies are here to help them learn how to take care of it," said Jeffrey Glueck, chief marketing officer of Travelocity. "Through the Eco-Bunnies and their lesson plans, Travelocity has developed a way to make learning about the environment fun for both kids and adults."

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