Name that ship! RSS Boaty McBoatface wins the poll to name research vessel

Name That Whale, Quickly!
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TreeHugger previously covered, in all seriousness, the poll to determine a proper name for a new British research ship. At first we determined that they were calling it "Name of Vessel" because that is what is painted on the rendering, but the leading contender was in fact "RRS Boaty McBoatface".

By way of background, TreeHugger staff are still recovering from the Mr. Splashy Pants debacle where we suggested that names should be noble and uplifting, and were told in no short order that we take ourselves way too seriously, and that "you have clearly become so arrogant and pretentious as to forget the whole reason for your being arrogant and pretentious in the first place."

According to the Guardian, the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) which is building the boat and ran the poll, says “We’ve had an extremely high volume of suggestions and will now review all of the suggested names. The final decision will be announced in due course.”

We hope that NERC will learn from Mr. Splashy Pants and will not be as arrogant and pretentious as TreeHugger, and stick with the peoples' choice of Boaty McBoatface.

And the top five names were:

  1. RRS Boaty McBoatface – 124,109
  2. RRS Poppy-Mai – 34,371
  3. RRS Henry Worsley – 15,231
  4. RRS It’s bloody cold here – 10,679
  5. RRS David Attenborough – 10,284

Name that ship! RSS Boaty McBoatface wins the poll to name research vessel
Now the question is: Do they have the nerve?

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