Nalgene Dumps Bisphenol A Like Hot Potato

Nalgene, the company that became the generic name for polycarbonate bottles, has thrown in the towel on Bisphenol A. "Based on all available scientific evidence, we continue to believe that Nalgene products containing BPA are safe for their intended use," Steven Silverman, the general manager of the Nalgene unit, said in a statement. "However, our customers indicated they preferred BPA-free alternatives, and we acted in response to those concerns."

Go customers! The government can sit on its butt but when Wal-Mart talks, suppliers listen.
Nalgene will make Eastman Chemicals very happy, as they make Tritan copolyester, a BPA free substitute with many of the same properties.

The next step is to get it out of cans, particularly baby formula. This will be a harder battle; it is not as visible and well-known as an issue. The New York Times quotes the chair of the North American Metal Packaging Alliance, an industry group, as saying that researchers had been unable to develop an alternative lining that performs as well as the current epoxy. "The epoxy resins are the gold standard right now." ::New York Times image: creative commons Bradley J

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