Naked LUSH Employees Protest Excess Packaging in 24 U.S. Cities

First a disclaimer: I've always found offensive the trail of heady perfume that hangs around in the street outside any LUSH store, whether in Stockholm or San Francisco, Oslo or Orlando. And yet, I've never discovered a body care product line that does as much to reduce packaging as LUSH. Well, for minimalists, Dr. Bronner's tops LUSH for multiple uses, but leaves some of us with brillo-pad hair.

Two percent of global GHGs from packaging
So perhaps a bunch of LUSH employees wearing nothing but aprons, leaving their backsides bare naked is an appropriate publicity stunt to get people to think about the extreme and excessive amount of packaging in nearly every product we buy and consume. On August 27 in 24 U.S. cities this year - the campaign launched last year in a smattering of global LUSH stores -- LUSH employees (how many requested a day off?) will help educate passersby, pointing out that 2 percent of our greenhouse gas burden is from packaging - its production and (non) destruction. With 80 million tons of packaging consumed annually by U.S. consumers, we're all part of the problem.Half of products 'packaging free'
Of course, LUSH isn't perfect - as their product lines have expanded, so have their bottles (around 58% of products are 'package free' though you still need paper, plastic or your reusable tins to get them home). They have yet to eschew parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, and other synthetics. But the company claims that by taking the water out of its shampoo bars, conditioners, soaps and massage bars, it 'saved' 3 million bottles from being made and shipped around last year. LUSH also from this month switched to using 100 percent post consumer recycled plastic for its bottles - a mixed accomplishment, but still better than virgin PET. Via ::LUSH
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