Mushroom Cultivation, Foraging and Mycoremediation: Live Chat with Tradd Cotter of Mushroom Mountain (Video)

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From using mushrooms to clean up pollution to helpful tips on growing King Stropharia mushrooms in your garden, Tradd Cotter's fungi-related videos have proven popular on TreeHugger.

But making videos is just one part of Tradd's fungal exploits. Through Mushroom Mountain in South Carolina, he is actively involved in mushroom cultivation, selling growing kits for growing fungi at home, and consulting to mushroom farmers. When he's not doing that he's putting on workshops, talks and guided foraging expeditions.

And he's also writing a book.

Given the amount of times that mushrooms crop up as a topic on TreeHugger in the unlikeliest of stories—from mushroom death suits to breaking down diapers in landfill—we thought it would be fun to get Tradd on the line to talk about mushrooms, mushroom cultivation, and how we can better use these organisms as allies in a fight for a sustainable future.

The Live Chat will begin at 3pm est on Tuesday 15th of November—and will display in the window below. Simply bookmark this page and come back when the chat is due to start, and then join the discussion. You can type your questions to Tradd in the text portion of the chat below, or you can leave them in advance in the comments—or reach me via twitter (@samigrover).

Note: This is an archived recording of our live chat. Please check the TreeHugger live stream often for new and upcoming conversations with sustainability pioneers.

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