MTV's Public Urination Water Conservation Ad

MTV Takes Aim at Water Conservation
Back in September I wrote about MTV's Switch campaign taking on greenwashers, now it seems the channel is also turning its attention to our toilet habits. In an apparent appeal for the "selective flush", MTV's new ad which will run across Europe shows folks urinating in various public places — the message being that reducing the amount of times you flush saves water. The Guardian's media section brings us more news on this sassy water conservation campaign:
"The campaign, developed by ad agency Ogilvy London, will run online and in cinemas across Europe and aims to raise awareness of water conservation issues among young people. MTV's ad, called "Slash", features a montage of people urinating in places such as parks and fountains. At the close of the ad a message points out that flushing the toilet less often helps to conserve water."

MTV Switch
, via The Guardian

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