MTV and Wal-Mart: "a marketing ploy waving a tiny green flag"


Two days ago Justin covered the MTV-WalMart "Everyday Green" cafe; Today Guy Brighton of PSFK trashes it as "a marketing ploy waving a tiny green flag." He goes on..."The space is scarce of anything with depth...The space is green-by-numbers. It's light on impact, light on eco-consciousness, light on message. They even have the standard girl-at-door-handing-out-fair-trade-coffee. The take-away literature is a poorly disguised attempt to sell All laundry detergent.....This exhibition is nothing more that a way for MTV to make money.....You could say that any green message is a good message. But this isn't a message. It's a marketing ploy gone bland. It's a dark way for MTV to advertise a laundry detergent to the wrong target market.::Eco-PSFK