MSNBC's Buchanan: Al Gore is Like the Birthers

Dick Nixon's former word man Pat Buchanan yesterday told host Chris Matthews on his "Hardball" show that Al Gore's work on climate change is like the so called Birthers' efforts to get the country to believe that President Obama is not a citizen. Watch the video for yourself.

PAT BUCHANAN: Global Warming is now a hoax--

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Do you think Global Warming is a hoax?

BUCHANAN: I do think it's a hoax.

MATTHEWS: It's a hoax?

BUCHANAN: I think it goes up and down. The idea this is grave--

MATTHEWS: -- CO2 emissions, greenhouse gases, doesn't exist?

BUCHANAN: No, it does, of course it exists. The idea we're all gonna die of this is utter nonsense. It's a power transfer to governments here, and governments abroad.

MATTHEWS: And the motivation is what?

BUCHANAN: And the motivation is power. It always is in government.

MATTHEWS: So people like Al Gore have cooked this up to get what?

BUCHANAN: No, I think he believes it, Chris, like the Birthers believe it. He's just like they are. It's a religious belief with them

Comparing the beliefs of the Birthers to the work of Vice President Gore is, of course, ridiculous. The Birthers have none, zero, nada evidence that the President was born in Kenya. In fact, there is overwhelming and definitive evidence that he was born in Hawaii. Gore's work on climate change and his call for action is supported by scientific work from around the world. Both Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have received the Nobel Prize for their work on climate change.

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