Mr. StreetsBlog Goes to Washington

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Covering Sustainable Transportation Policy-Making on Capitol Hill
Our friends at Livable Streets have just created a new sub-site: Streetsblog Capital Hill. Congrats guys & gals! I know you'll do a good job of "mapping the political landscape that keeps transit under-funded and new road projects flush with federal cash" and serve as a place for "community residents and livable streets advocates to connect with the often daunting bureaucracy in the nation's capital."So Why Should I Check it Out?
The site isn't launching empty either. It's already full of goodies!

Here are some recent posts that I found interesting:

Elana Schor will be the main contributor to the Capitol Hill Streetsblog (as far as I can tell). If you have tips, suggestions, questions, etc.. You can reach her at lana (at) streetsblog (dot) org.

Via StreetsBlog
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