Mr. Splashy Pants For President?


In a move reminiscent of celebrities turned politician like Reagan or Schwarzenegger, and building on his own growing celebrity as the world's most recognizable Humpback whale, Mr. Splashy Pants has stepped into the political arena by taking on the world of University politics.

Of course he's not just your average whale... Or maybe he was until that whole naming contest held by Greenpeace launched him to superstardom. But as he puts it now "I just don't think the life of your average filter-feeder is for me anymore."

So what's he set his sights on? For starters, it seems there's a wall out there at a college or university somewhere that needs to be torn down, and whaddya know but Splashy Pants himself has challenged the school's President to "Tear down this wall!"
Apparently, the wall was being used to hem in college students busy protesting the fact that Treehugger once suggested the name Splashy Pants wasn't quite good enough for a whale, creating a firestorm of protest in the process.

But now that he's taken on the world of University politics in such grand fashion, I do wonder what will be his next move. Perhaps a run for President in 2008?

via:: Confidential Sources

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