Mr. Peabody Goes To China


Americans are not being nice to Big Coal, with FutureGen project managers watching closely to prevent project over-runs on the first taxpayer supported "clean coal" project. Big Coal is not waiting around for US Federal bureaucrats. They are going where government approvals are super fast - Beijing Olympics fast - and where real men don't complain about mine safety: to China.

China's first coal-fired power station employing carbon capture and storage is planned for the Lingang Industrial Park, near Beijing, under a joint venture partnership called GreenGen.

The partnership is between a group of state-owned enterprises and the US-based Peabody Energy. Construction on a 250 MW plant is planned to begin in 2008, with a goal of being on line in 2009." During later phases, the plant will be expanded to 650 MW."


Via::Power Engineering,, "China's first carbon capture & storage plant to be operational by 2009" Image credit:: Kaznak Web, Lingang Industrial Park Map, and Final Flow Sheet Of GreenGen, from Belfer Center, Harvard University

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