Moyers Asks "Is God Green?"


Last week, we took note of Bill Moyers and Bill McKibben's live presentation of their ideas on evangelicalism and environmentalism at the New York Public Library. Those of us who couldn't make it to that event will have another chance to hear Moyers discuss the topic with both evangelicals and treehuggers, and well as some who fall into both groups, on his Moyers on America special "Is God Green?" The program airs tonight on PBS (check your local listings), but you can get a four-minute sneak preview at the show's website. Among the guests featured in that snippet are pastor Tri Robinson of Boise, Idaho's Vineyard Christian Fellowship, and Idaho Statesman reporter Rocky Barker. The website also features a "Citizens Class" where you can learn more about the intersection between religion and the environment, and interact with other "classmates."

In conjunction with the airing of the program, our friends at Grist are running a series entitled "God & the Environment." The series features interviews with Moyers, the Rev. Richard Cizik, Rabbi Michael Lerner, and others, and an essay by McKibben. ::Moyers on America -- "Is God Green?"