Moving Forward: Introducing the Sustainable Growth Initiative


There is no question that the world of today is a much different place from just a few years ago. And one of the most exciting policy developments we’ve seen over the past few years is the progress we’ve made on global climate change.

And Business Roundtable strongly believes we should keep moving forward.

I am proud to say that Business Roundtable – an association of chief executive officers of 160 of the largest companies in the world, representing every sector of the economy – has been out in front on this issue. Our CEOs worked hard to come to agreement on the need to address climate change early on. They understood the importance of addressing energy and environmental issues from an economically sustainable perspective.Business Roundtable had two dedicated task forces to reflect our members’ understanding and commitment to these issues and to bring together top experts to develop realistic solutions to our nation’s challenges; the Energy Task Force and the Environment, Technology & the Economy Task Force.

The Roundtable’s Environment, Technology & the Economy Task Force advanced Business Roundtable’s commitment to the mutually reinforcing goals of environmental protection and economic growth by helping companies set and realize challenging goals for environmental and societal improvement.

With energy costs consistently ranking as one of the top cost pressures facing U.S. businesses, Business Roundtable established the Energy Task Force in 2006 to address the impact of high energy costs on economic growth, advocate for economically sustainable policies, call for increased investment in R&D; and promote energy efficient technology development.

These task forces proved quite successful at pushing sustainable goals to the top of the agendas of our member companies and policymakers. Yet, today’s consensus on climate change and energy security necessitates a new model.

So, recognizing that the winds have changed, we have adjusted our sails accordingly to better serve the needs of our members and society at large.

The 160 CEOs of Business Roundtable are proud to announce the establishment of the Sustainable Growth Initiative.

The founding principles behind this initiative are similar to those of our former task forces on energy and the environment. The objective is to advocate a comprehensive approach to the challenges of energy security, climate change and water quality that draws upon the best available technologies and assures stewardship of our environment and greater prosperity for all.

The new Sustainable Growth Initiative is organized to serve member companies and help them solve today’s challenges by developing a holistic business approach that emphasizes both energy efficiency and sustainable use of natural resources. Coupled with common-sense government policies, our members will be better able to promote the proactive voluntary measures necessary to meet America’s energy and environmental needs and ensure a higher standard of living for all.

At Business Roundtable, we recognize that daunting challenges lay ahead; from addressing climate change and assuring energy security to promoting an economy that is healthy. Yet, we are optimistic that the world of tomorrow will be one of which we can be proud – where our air is clean and healthy, our energy is stable and domestic and our policies are sound and constructive.

Businesses can – and must – be leaders in a greener and more prosperous future. The Sustainable Growth Initiative is another way for America’s dynamic companies to help steer our nation on its sustainable journey.