MoveOn: Don't Side With Palin on Energy and Climate Change

Now that Sarah Palin is a private citizen again, is ready to use her largely unfavorable popularity rating with the American people in an effort to get more votes for the energy bill now before Congress. MoveOn has rolled out a new add mocking Palin and her "Drill, Baby, Drill" attitude.On YouTube MoveOn asks: "Congress: Do you stand with Palin or with new energy jobs? If you want others to see this video, help it climb the YouTube ratings. 5-star it, favorite it, and pass to friends!"

No doubt many people will. With rumors swirling around the former Alaskan governor and vice presidential candidate, Palin draws no shortage of attention. Palin caused a furor among environmentalists a few weeks ago when she published an elementary and solipsistic op-ed in the Washington Post headlined, "The 'Cap And Tax' Dead End," in which Palin assured us that our energy problems would disappear if we only "tap the resources that God created right underfoot on American soil." Without much explanation, Palin's post skipped over climate change all together, never mentioning it. On Friday, Sens. Kerry and Boxer answered Palin with their own energy and climate op-ed.

The Senate will take up climate after its August recess with the goal of getting a climate bill passed this year. The upper chamber is working with the ACES bill, which narrowly passed the House earlier this year. The bill offers incentives for energy efficiency and the development of clean energy technology with the goal of reducing US greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020 and by more than 83 percent by 2050.

Can making Palin the poster child for obstructionism work? MoveOn is clearly betting yes. Using Palin as a foil certainly worked for the President during the election and her sudden resignation seems to have only diminished Palin's reputation. I expect to be hearing her name evoked more and more when pro clean energy forces need a rallying cry.

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