MoveOn and Plug In America Urge Toyota to Quit U.S. Chamber of Commerce


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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Catching Flak from All Sides
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's position on climate change has caused it a lot of trouble lately, and the defection of Apple has made those problems very high profile (see our coverage: Apple Leaves Climate Change Denying Chamber of Commerce, US Chamber Lashes Out At Apple Over Climate Fight, and of course CNBC Falls for Chamber of Commerce Climate Hoax (VIDEO)). This seems to have inspired and Plug In America to call for Toyota to quit the Chamber. Read on for details on how you can join the campaign.

Photo: Flickr has a photo petition that you can "sign" with a photo of you holding a sign. Writing letters to newspaper editors around the country is also encouraged.

To see the photos that have been sent to the petition so far, go to this page.

Plug In America is also urging its members and supporters to join MoveOn's effort, and says that:

Some of the electric-car organization's board members and supporters took part in the campaign's initial action by posting on MoveOn's photo gallery photographs of their own Toyotas.

Many of these cars are all-electric [Toyota[ RAV4 EVs that Toyota manufactured from 1997 to 2003, some of which have been driven more than 100,000 miles with virtually no repairs or maintenance.

"Toyota has already proven that it can make an excellent electric car," Davids said. "It should be leading the charge to a truly sustainable electric transportation future with plug-in cars. Instead, it's dragging its feet."

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