Move Over eBay... Has Your Babies Needs Covered!

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As their website says directly on the front page:

"Hand-me-downs is a new classifieds website for moms (and dads), where you can buy, sell, give away, or donate your new and gently used baby gear, clothing, toys, childcare services, and more. We find the best items from around the web and combine them with our own listings—the next step is up to you!"

Sounds great in writing, but what exactly is this new website all about...To begin with, claims that they are able to scour the many current classified-type listings for baby gear on such sites as eBay and Craigslist, filtering out much of the riff-raff (poor sellers and unrelated items for sale) and bring to you only the very best of the deals out there.

To accomplish this, the site offers free listings for its members, as well as does searches for various items, while giving its members an upper hand with their "mom police" system, which allows users to flag inappropriate, unsafe, or even items that do not appear to be exactly "gently used". They also feature many eco-friendly products to buy for your kids, including wooden toys, organic sheets, and even natural, non-toxic cleaning materials that will give you piece of mind.

The site is meant to save the busy mom and dad time by allowing them to jump right on the site and get to the items they are looking for. These items have been designated to either be new or gently used, which means no holes, stains, rips, tears, or broken parts. You won't see any of those infamous "as is" ads from eBay, where you may or may not be getting a working, satisfactory product.

The whole idea was started by CEO and founder, Norah Weinstein, who is the layer, founder of The Hollywood Reporter, and most importantly, a mom of her own 14 month-old daughter:

"The classified sites that were out there has some great listings, but were simply not designed for the parent in mind. The baby/child catch categories are not the priority for those sites. Moms (and Dads) are too busy to sift through thousands of listings to find products they need, especially those in good condition for their children. Our goal at is to raise the bar for children's classifieds and create a more family-friendly atmosphere."

Using hand-me-downs is a great eco-friendly idea, but it can also be a delicate situation when our children are the recipients of these items. We want to make sure that they are getting clean and safe products, which we are not often guaranteed, especially when purchasing through a classified ad. offers the slight upper hand to those looking for inexpensive alternatives to buying new baby goods, which should be a welcome relief in today's economy.

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Move Over eBay... Has Your Babies Needs Covered!
As their website says directly on the front page:

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