Mounties Prepare for Climate Change


No, they are not trading in the famous red outfit for shorts and a tank top. However, according to a report just released through the Access to Information Act, they have been studying the implications of climate change for Canada's west coast. The report says: global warming is "likely to lead to more natural disasters [and] severe weather, as well as increased spread of disease and water-borne pathogens." but also that "Canada's north could become warmer and more hospitable to marine traffic, posing new security challenges" and that "climate refugees [are] a potential issue".

Ecologist William Rees worries about sea levels. "Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that we are talking about a one-metre sea level rise. Then you're talking about certainly tens -- possibly hundreds -- of millions of climate refugees globally," he said. "Most of the world's major seaports would be endangered. Much of Bangladesh would be inundated." Rees said current illegal migration along the U.S.-Mexico border will be "like a picnic compared to what might be ahead."Of course the always calm and reasonable David Suzuki foundation has a response:

Morag Carter, director of the climate change program at the David Suzuki Foundation, said while it's important for agencies like the RCMP to plan for global warming, governments and individuals should take measures now to reduce greenhouse gases.

"Planning for catastrophic events in the future is a very important thing to do," she said.

"But it's the sort of thing you do while you're [also] doing your best to prevent the disaster happening in the first place."
::Vancouver Sun via ::Paul Kedrosky

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