Mount Allison U Students Vote to Increase Tuition With Green Fee

Mount Allison University Campus Sign Photo

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In what we can assume probably won't be the last of its kind, over 80% of the voting students at Mount Allison University (Canada) chose to pay $10 more each year to save the planet, reports the Sackville Tribune Post. The money raised (estimated between CA$20,000 and $24,000) will go towards environmental projects and finding ways to offset some of the emissions generated by the University. Some of the proposed projects include installing solar panels, developing a geo-thermal energy system in town, insulating buildings around campus or even creating tree nurseries in the community. The group deciding on how the money will be spent, the Environmental Affairs Committee, is made up entirely of students.

The idea was initially proposed by student Natalie Gerum and her professor Brad Walters, both as a means to offset carbon emissions, but also to "get more people thinking about their 'ethical obligation' to do what they can to battle climate change." Proposals will be accepted this fall from students, staff and faculty on campus, as well as community members. In these tough economic times, and as college tuition rates seem to be increasing exponentially each semester, it's really refreshing to see students still putting the planet before their pocketbook. Plus, when it's just $10, thats like skipping one poker night or one frat party. :Sackville Tribune Post
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