Motorola 100% EnergyStar Certified


Motorola has become the first cell phone company to make all of its cell phone chargers are Energy Star certified. At first it doesn't sound like too big a deal, but when the EPA added up the effects that a 40% increase in charger efficiency would have, it came to well over 1 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions. There's a lot of cell phones in this country, and if every company took the same steps that Motorola now has, we would save enough energy to light 760,000 homes for a year.

"EPA salutes Motorola's leadership as the first company to ensure all of the power adapters in their phone chargers earn the ENERGY STAR," said Bill Wehrum, Acting EPA Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation. "By being more energy efficient, ENERGY STAR-qualified adapters reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution associated with the generation
of electricity."

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