Most Bizarre Climate Change Denying Argument by a Politician Yet? (Video)

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Sure, Sen. James Inhofe has got some good ones. But Congressman McCotter may have just taken the cake. Here's the Rep from Michigan on why global warming is a hoax . . . just to whet your appetite, it has to do with "cavemen" living by a glacier in 1,000 BC (?!). Video after the jump.

This is ridiculous on oh so many levels. I'll hand it over to Think Progress for the takedown:

McCotter is wrong on several fronts. First, the glacial melt which formed the Great Lakes occurred between a period of 15,000 and 10,000 BC, not 1,000 BC, as McCotter claims. But we do not have to look to the past to see shrinking glaciers. Global warming is currently melting 18,000 Himalayan glaciers -- the largest concentration of glaciers outside the great polar ice sheets. The global trend of melting glaciers has only accelerated, with 2009 marked as the 18th consecutive year glaciers around the world have decreased in size.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has conclusively shown that carbon emissions, caused chiefly by the burning of fossil fuels, are the largest contributor to global warming. If McCotter is interested in what sets this "period in history" apart, he should know that every single year of this century (2001-2008) has been among the top ten warmest years since instrumental records began.

Also, mastodons were at least extinct 10,000 years ago, and people who lived around 1000 BC, along with being unable to hunt mastodons at all, lived in civilized societies and were hardly cavemen. Also, the anecdote doesn't make any sense at all, regardless of factual inaccuracies. Just saying.

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