Most Americans "Somewhat Likely" To Conserve More Energy Next Year

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The Scolding.
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A very recent poll of 1,000 US adults is the first evidence I've seen that Americans see a personal need to conserve significantly more energy.

"Given a list of environmentally responsible lifestyle changes, 85% said it was at least somewhat likely they would reduce household energy consumption in 2010."

Early into reading a summary of the poll results, from which the above was excerpted, as released by Tiller, LLC, (pdf file) I wondered what it would take to move Americans from somewhat to definitely likely to conserve.

The clue came at the half-way point in the report.

Gentlemen, indications from the survey are, we need to listen better to the women in our lives.Compared to men,

...women are considerably more likely than men to have "green guilt" - 41% vs. 27%

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