More Uncool Packaging Problems - Check Out This Wasteful Receipt


Just yesterday we were talking about Apple's packaging sins. But companies are often also guilty of some woeful printing practices. We were sent this image of a receipt. We aren't sure what manufacturer could justify using that amount of ink for a simple packing receipt. It appears to be essentially a printed screenshot of a database screen, which means a full sheet of white paper, covered in black toner. Even if they're using soy-based toner, we can't see a justification here. When we're after companies to lighten their footprint, we also mean lighten the printing load. Imagine how much toner might have been saved had they gone with EcoFont or even printing a smaller version. But instead they decided to do this:



It might seem petty to jump all over this one example of bad practice, but it underscores why moving to paperless is practical. From receipts to coupons to boarding passes to (of course) books and newspapers, paperless makes financial and often ecological sense.

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