More Top Ethical Heroes

What is it about the British and lists? Every day there seems to be a new one; best songs, best beaches, green lists and now the top 100 ethical heroes. The newconsumer magazine has taken a slight different slant and widened the net dramatically ( Sienna Miller is #78 because she wears ethical clothes with style). In its list Katharine Hamnett is number one, and an interesting choice. She has had a great influence on the fashion industry with her strong social conscience. Anita Roddick, formerly of the Body Shop is number 2, Harriet Lamb, director of the Fairtrade Foundation is third and guess who (Al Gore) is fourth.

In the food area: two rival boxed vegetable companies: Abel and Cole(67) and Riverford Organics (69), along with Planet Organics(71), the first modern health foods shop here. More food: booja-booja (delicious)chocolate (97) and Innocent Drinks (29) and Divine Chocolate (21). Two politicians: Caroline Lucas (8) of the Green Party, and David Cameron (84) of the Conservatives....what, no Labour? If nothing else, these lists are a great way to find about new and worthy ventures that people are involved in creating. :: newconsumer

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