More Stories From the Gulf Oil Spill: Shrimp Fisherman One of the Forgotten Victims (Video)

A couple weeks ago we shared a couple of the touching and sobering videos that NRDC, StoryCorps and Bridge the Gulf have been producing, reminding us that even though the Gulf oil spill may be off the front page right now, the effects on communities is long lasting. Here's another one: It tells JJ Creppel, a shrimp fisherman who's been turned into a reluctant farmer after the spill devastated his way of life.

Watch the video and then check out the wider story of how NRDC's Rocky Kistner connected with JJ and what he and his family has endured.Here's the sum of why stories like this are important:

The truth is, people like JJ are forgotten victims of this oil calamity. They are residents who have lived here for generations, struggling to survive the horrific storms that race across the bayou from time to time. They are used to surviving these, but this BP oil disaster is different. Some here are able to go on with their lives, but many cannot. Their fishing world has been upended, some suspect forever.

More info: NRDC: Stories From The Gulf
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