More on Veggie Burgers and Neurotoxins: News from Mother Jones


Hello, TreeHuggers. Here's what's new over at Mother Jones' Blue Marble blog:

Which Veggie Burgers Were Made With a Neurotoxin? Answer: Many of the most popular brands are made with hexane, an EPA-registered air pollutant, and a neurotoxin. List of brands here. Answers to readers' questions about hexane and soy (Is tofu made with hexane, too? What about Quorn? Just how bad is hexane, anyway?) here.

Climategate: Officially a Fake Scandal: Despite relentless noise from climate skeptics about the so-called "Climategate" email scandal, an independent review released today cleared the scientists involved of wrong-doing.

PG&E;'s Energy Empire: The largest electricity provider in California has now committed $35 million to a campaign to essentially crush any dreams of public utilities. Pacific Gas & Electric has a measure on the ballot for this June that would require a two-thirds vote for public utilities to open up shop or solicit new customers.

Call for a Barometer of Life: Some of the world's leading conservation biologists are calling for $60 million in spending to accelerate our understanding of Earth's biodiversity. In a new paper in Science, the authors suggest we need a tool for measuring our progress towards saving the living planet--a tool they call the Barometer of Life.

How Deep Will Mine Probe Dig?: Davitt McAteer, who has spent 40 years fighting for safety reforms in the coal mining industry, will head an independent inquiry into the disaster at Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch Mine. But if he finds something that needs changing, will government back him up?

Fracking: As Safe as Coca-Cola! Penneco Oil Company claims that injecting diesel fuel and other toxic chemicals into the ground is no more dangerous than soda pop.