More on Hydrogen 7 by BMW


Remember BMW's Hydrogen 7? The luxury sedan, which will be limitedly released next year, discharges mainly water vapor from its combustion engine. The hydrogen verses electric debate is still on—but If you are interested in how this machine eats up the pavement, Wired has an article on a recent test drive in Berlin.
The writer notes: "When pushed, the 12-cylinder, 260-horsepower engine emits a high-pitched whine like that of the diesel version of the 7 Series. It is not exactly a speed demon, but it doesn't lack power; after pulling onto an exit ramp, I accelerated from zero to 62.5 mph with two adult passengers in less than 10 seconds."

And let's not forget the hydrogen. Before this machine can really hit the market, the article says, several issues with this fuel need to be solved—such as price, availability, storage, and flammability. The later, in particular made the writer a bit jittery: "Hydrogen's high flammability, compared to other fuel mixes, raises concern for many (especially for me while standing next to the fuel pumps). The Hindenburg and the Challenger both ran on hydrogen, although the fuel mix was not what triggered those disasters."

The price of the car itself hasn't been addressed yet—but it's sure to be expensive, even for the luxury category. ::Wired

Images courtesy of Wired.

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