More on Giving Meat the Tailpipe Treatment

Almost wo years ago we warned TreeHuggers about monoxide meat: "The Food and Drug Admin in the US allows supermarkets to pack red meat in carbon monoxide gas- just as your lips get a lovely shade of red when you leave the car running in the garage, the meat stays red and fresh looking for weeks." Two months ago Jeremy updated the story.

Now it turns out that the Agriculture Department approved the process even though the tests of it were so questionable that the employees at Hormel and Cargill didn't believe them, sending confidential emails saying "Believe me, we are also puzzled by the data," (Hormel writes to Cargill) "Please let me know if you see any other funny data . . ." he wrote later. "Quite honestly, this test seemed to raise more questions than what it answered."

Now the meatpackers are backtracking and saying that they will accept labels suggesting that "Color is not an accurate indicator of freshness." Why not just ban it, like they do in Canada, the EU and Japan? ::Washington Post

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